Patrick Parenteau is a senior visual effects artist at Eidos Montreal and a recent Master of Art graduate from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (UQAC – NAD). Before arriving at Eidos, Patrick worked for over 20 years in the visual effect industry. He has contributed as a VFX artist on live and digital production, for feature films, TV series, video game cinematics and short films. As an in-game VFX artist, he creates and integrates real-time special effects into digital game environments. As a researcher, he focuses on the renewal of the VFX practice for digital artists lacking novelty, through the use of traditional techniques for effects, such as fluid mechanic in a cloud tank. He is also an active member of the board for the Visual Effects Society.

Patrick Parenteau sessions

Exploring the renewal of the VFX practice using traditional techniques in fluid mechanics

The conference presents the results of a research-creation carried out as part of a Master of Arts degree (NAD-UQAC). This research present the results of a reflexive process by the researcher on the state of his practice as an experienced artist in the VFX industry and the need to step back from his usual practice. […]