I eat creativity for breakfast. For the last 15 years, I have traveled all over the world and all over the web to connect with rare talents—creative, technical, and executive. Working in gaming, global advertising, and film visual effects, I noticed that most companies had the same problems: few human resources specialists really understood the business issues of these creative industries and are therefore challenged to authentically connect with an international creative workforce.

Rhum is my answer to the call for a collective of specialists who intuitively understand the needs of both the organization and the creative professional.

Welcome to my house, relax, let me offer you a glass of rhum.

Pierre-Luc Labbée sessions

Diversity at work : what now?

In addition to the corporate policies and speeches from studio executives, what is the new frontier in diversity management? Racial, sexual, mental, physical or gender differences, how can we all make these groups shine and what support can we offer them? What does it mean in 2018? No taboos in this panel, let’s speak true […]

All the recruiter's secrets - Starting a career in VFX and Animation

It is sometimes hard to understand how to navigate through recruitment processes. Where to start? How to apply? How to prepare? Pierre-Luc Labbée, President at rhum – humans and resources, will host a recruiter panel that will shed some light on the different job perspectives in the industry. From huge to smaller studios, VFX and […]