Founded in 2006, SHED is a Montreal-based animation studio providing high end character animation, visual effects and motion design services to a worldwide clientele of ad agencies and brands. SHED is the studio behind the popular, character-driven, IGA commerial campaign.

In the talk “SHED – Creating high end commercials using Houdini” you will have a chance to hear from a number of team members that help to make these commercials possible:
PH Dallaire (Réalisateur) + Martine Chartrand (Groom) + Hakim Harrouche (Artiste FX) +
Ben Therriault (Réalisateur) + Carlos Valcarcel (Rigging TD) + Antonin Fisette (Artiste FX) +
Max Roz (Artiste d’éclairage / ombrage)

SHED sessions

SHED - Creating High End Commercials Using Houdini

BEAR and FISH, two full-CG commercials in which SHED studio created highly detailed stylised animals and effects. The artists and directors will expose their Houdini workflow and tools, and discuss the ways they balanced art and technique to deliver two of the highest quality commercials seen last year. Q&A session will follow after the presentation.